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10+2, Co-ed, Fully Residential School, Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi, Affl. No. 230048

Creative Activities

To bring forth the hidden talents of a child, creative activities are given much importance in the Academy. The wide range of activities done individually, as well as in groups not only develops their creative talents but also provides a preliminary training in their favourite vocation and inculcates proficiency in their respective skills. School children have been regularly participating in various tournaments in different parts of the country. Complete years Co-curricular activity of the school is planned and followed as per schedule.

Hobbies Offered :

Art :

Painting, Sand/Tube/Glass/Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Interior Decoration.

Craft :

Wood work, Paper work, Needle & Thread work, Fabric, Decorative items.

Music :

Instrumental and vocal.

Drama :

Mono-acting, Skit, Play, Mime.


Computer operation and training, Photo Editing and Designing, Web-page Designing, animated works, Project work

In addition to these hobbies, there are other organised groups under the guidance of experienced teachers for various activities like:

 The Debating Society

 The Music Society

 The Literary Society

 The Art and Craft Society

 The Theatre Group

 The Science Club

Along with the regular creative and cultural activities as mentioned above, excursion, treks and educational trips also form a regular feature of the institution.

Physical activities

To encourage team sprit and to ensure physical fitness among students, games and sports are given adequate importance in the curriculum. Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Carom, Track & Field events are among the team games provided. To acquire skill in swimming, special coaches (separately for boys and girls) are employed to train the students. School has been participating and getting laurels in the Cluster / Zonal tournaments of Basketball, Volleyball and Swimming being organized under the aegis of CBSE. The day in KEA begins with jogging and free hand exercises; this keeps the students active and energetic throughout the day. Participating in evening games is compulsory for every student.