I am a x- student from the class 10 batch of 2009. I am very well and wish the same for you.Time has flew and we all got busy with our life. I can still remember 2nd April 2003 when i joined this school. Those nostalgic memories of my childhood in KEA will keep running in my heart till my last breathe. KEA has taught though that we need in our life for which today I am living a happy & successful life. Thank you so much for it.I have pass through many different place and people but KEA school, its people and friends are always my priority and like my family. Today i was sitting in my office and browsing the KEA site. I was very happy to see some of the very good result of KEA. Congratulations to you and your faculty and hope this continue with the increasing graph.I have a small request that please organise an alumni meet in your school so that we can all meet once again.I hope you are having a good health.

Take care with lots of love.

Best Regards

Batch of 2009 | Email id: juvgogoi@gmail.com

First of all I went to thank you and your team to put my son at a level which is beyond my expectation. I don't have any words how to thank you. But I am thinking to highlight your school "THE KAZIRANGA ENGLISH ACADEMY" is also among the best school in N.E. to the public of Manipur.
Sapam Sachin
F/o Sapam Ronaldo
Batch of 2009 | Email id: sapamchasachin@gmail.com

With my humble respect ,I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to you,dear ma'am and your team of learned teachers for building up a great foundation and for imparting your knowledge to we, the students.I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my dear lovely and caring teachers,especially you and never the least , the non-teaching staffs.

If there weren't you and your team, I wouldn't be at what I'm today.right from cl 5 onwards, the teachers have been doing their level best to impart every knowledge they could...thank you dear ma'am and please tell my best regards of appreciation to my dear lovely teachers.

Thanking you

Ronaldo Sapam
Email. ronaldosapam@gmail.com
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