Principal’s Message

The modernised future meets traditional values!

Hello, dear parents, students, and the ardent professionals of education, I welcome you to a place of harmony and wisdom  situated in the very heart of North Eastern India. I welcome you to our Kaziranga English Academy.

Nestled amidst the verdant hills of Guwahati, Assam away from the incessant drone of city, we are equipped with all the tools and resources to help your child thrive in an environment where modern education is pushed by technology, expertise and interactive learning. 

With the standards of a modern residential school in mind, we also aspire to create an environment for the children where they can learn the values that define our nation. These principles of respect, discipline, honesty, compassion are weaved into the very fabric of our daily lives and we as educators are responsible to teach and mould these skills into our student. These students are our future and we aim to become a lighthouse and navigate the ships of our future through the dark sea of life with the light of guidance. 

Thus, I warmly invite you to join our KEA family to witness your children’s future blossom in the midst of modern learning and timeless traditional values.

Come, discover new standards of education set by a professional and caring staff empowered by the marvels of modern technology, interactive classrooms and clean hygienic space.

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