10+2, Co-ed, Fully Residential School, Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi, Affl. No. 230048


Parents/Guardians of the students of Class IX and XI are requested to verify the particulars  and sign the Registration Cards on or before 15 February 2020 in the school office failing which the school shall not be held responsible for any error in it. Further, no correction will be allowed afterwards as per CBSE guidelines, even at the time of LOC submission in Cl X & XII for Final Examinations. A sample copy with instructions are already uploaded in the school website. For any query please contact 94350 46606.

Parents of wards studying in Class X and XII are requested to come to School Office to put signatures on or before 8 Feb 2020 in the Admit Card . As per CBSE norms signature is mandatory for Board Exam 2020. For any query please contact 94350 46606.

To all our esteemed Parents/Guardians and Well wishers

A warm and friendly welcome to Kaziranga English Academy!!

We think we have a very special school here, nestled in a lovely green space on the outskirts of Guwahati, Assam.  I am incredibly proud to be working in such a welcoming and supportive community. Our children are everything to us. As a close-knit team of professional educators, our commitment is to assist our learners to be the best possible people they can be! We work hard to create an environment that places great importance on forming relationships where learners feel safe, being challenged and taking risks, where goal setting is part of the learning process and where celebrating progress and success is part of everyday life. We are proud of ourselves on our caring, nurturing and friendly environment where high expectations for learning and behaviour are reflected in our students!

Thank you for choosing Kaziranga English Academy as your school of choice. We look forward to getting to know you further.

Description of the School

Kaziranga English Academy is nestled in the cozy lap of lush green Nature, amidst the verdant hills, in the southern fringe of Guwahati - the gateway to the North-East. It has a sprawling school campus of more than five acres of land against a spectacular backdrop of misty hills; appropriately located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Academy was established on 02nd April, 2003 to enable it to conform to the standards and requirements of modern residential education; in particular to incorporate the healthier features of the English Public Schools and to integrate that education with the Indian environment. The large modern library is well stocked with books. It has excellent provisions for children to relax and read for information or pleasure. The classrooms are spacious and well appointed. They are hygienic and attractive with good display areas. A large modern auditorium provides opportunity for whole school assemblies, sport and physical educational activities, visiting performers, student speech contests, student operettas and a variety of other activities.

KEA provides education up to All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE), i.e. Class XII. The medium of instruction is English and the institution is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi, having Affiliation number 230048. This co-educational and completely residential school aims to mould its students in such a way that they become capable of facing any challenge in life confidently. Our educational endeavors aim at forming leaders who are intellectually competent, spiritually mature, morally upright, psychologically integrated, physically healthy and socially acceptable who will be the champion of truth, love and peace and who are ever open to further growth.  We aim at helping them grow as honest and responsible citizens of the country. Kaziranga English Academy is open to all students irrespective of caste, creed or religion. The school insists on strict punctuality, regular school attendance, and cleanliness in dress, general grooming, hard work and fidelity to study. Presently the school has students from all the North Eastern States.

Together We Achieve at KEA…

Our beliefs:: Our mission, values and behavioral expectations are embodied in the sense of togetherness. All staff and children, parents and visitors are expected to behave in a manner that is safe, respectful, honest, responsible and courteous. KEA provides a safe learning-focused environment in which all children are encouraged to become confident independent learners and dexterous enough to take advantage of the opportunities available. Our aim is for every child to be challenged to reach his or her full potential. We give the care and attention one would expect from a school whilst also providing the wide variety of educational experiences normally associated with that of a larger international school.


Mission Statement

At KEA we believe that “future flourishes here…”


To be a provider of befitting future-focused qualitative education





We believe that encouraging students to do their best and strive for personal excellence enables them to take ownership of, and develop skills for, lifelong learning

We achieve this by….

  • Enhancing congenial relationships with families and KEA as a whanau aims at developing individual and collaborative pathways for learning
  • Providing a welcoming and safe environment which sparks creativity and innovation
  • Promoting individual and cultural identity, recognizing the diverse nature of our community
  • Fostering excellence in Mathematics and Literacy, while providing a balanced range of educational opportunities

Our Strength

  • The principal has a clear vision for the school and provides strong professional leadership that empowers staff and is focused on raising achievement for all children. The leadership team has been reviewed and restructured to facilitate a more distributive model.
  • There are clear roles and responsibilities that use leaders’ strengths and knowledge to provide a strong, purposeful strategic direction with a focus on improving student achievement.
  • Teachers are dedicated to using achievement information to identify the needs and strengths of children especially those whose learning requires acceleration. They establish positive, caring relationships with children and their family, and support them in their learning and wellbeing.
  • Children learn in rich and stimulating learning environments in which their work is acknowledged and celebrated.
  • Strengthening home-school bonding and supporting children’s holistic development. Teachers, parents and board of directors regularly measure the success of teaching and learning, resourcing and school goals. The result is a forward looking school community with sustainable goals for the future.

Leaders and teachers:

  • know the children whose learning and achievement need to be accelerated
  • respond to the strengths, needs and interests of each child
  • regularly evaluate how teaching is working for these children

Strengths of the school include:

  • professional leaders focused on raising achievement for children with identified learning needs
  • the school’s use of achievement information to develop individual goals and strategies that address identified needs of individual children
  • teaching practices and strategies that accelerate children’s progress and promote high levels of child engagement
  • a curriculum that is responsive to the diverse learning needs of children.

Board of Directors

KEA was established by the KAZIRANGA ENGLISH ACADEMY SOCIETY, with a view to providing sound education and all round development to students. Board of Trustees is responsible for policy making and over all governance. It is made up of some enthusiastic personnel whose minds are filled up with zeal to serve the society and its denizens. The Board has the power to co-opt members of the public to fulfill a special need or to redress any imbalance in representation.​

  • Chairman  Mr. Fatik Bhattacharjee
  • Secretary   Mr Tanmoy Modak
  • Treasurer  Mr Chinmoy Baruah


Other Members………


Kaziranga English Academy is committed to providing quality education for the all-round development of its students, which would foster not only individual growth, but also awaken a keen desire in them, to make a positive contribution to society and the country at large. The school upholds that an integrated personality is formed only when there is proper intellectual, moral, physical and last but not the least, aesthetic development. An invigorating and competitive atmosphere, adequate exposure and sound guidance by a dedicated faculty is provided in the school for the all-round development of the students. Here we acknowledge the important role a teacher plays in a pupil's life and hence our faculty tries to maintain a healthy relation with the students so that they enjoy this journey in life. Several competitions are being held from time to time so that the students get a break from academics and also that their skills get polished.

Accommodation & Health

KEA provides all kinds of care and comfort as far as accommodation in concerned. It has air-conditioned hostels. In the Primary and Secondary sections, twelve beds are provided in one dormitory with attached washrooms. Each dormitory has experienced Warden, Dorm-in-charge and an Ayah to look after the students and they keep a keen eye and take proper care of the students.  The Senior Secondary section for the boys is located in a different building with four beds in each room. The Senior Secondary section for the girls is located in a separate floor with three/four beds in each room.

The Academy has a spacious dining hall; providing sitting capacity to 300 students in the Non-Vegetarian Section and 100 students in the Vegetarian Section. Wholesome, varied and balanced food is cooked in Indian style under the supervision of an experienced Mess Manager. Menus are planned with due regard to the principles of dietetics. Meals distributions are supervised by Teachers and other staff members. Wastage of food is not encouraged at all. All the bakery products are made by the schools bakers only.

The Academy has a tie-up with “Project Child”, a group of doctors who along with regular monitoring on the health conditions of the students conduct ‘Health Check-up Camp’ twice in an academic year. They are assisted by well trained residential nurses. There is a well-equipped infirmary with two eight bedded isolation wards (separate for boys and girls). Health statistics of students are regularly taken and records are maintained. In special cases, students are taken to the local Nursing Home for necessary treatment.


The institution has been divided into three sections:

  • Primary Section
  • Secondary Section
  • Senior Secondary Section

The Primary Section comprises of classes III to V, the Secondary Section comprises of classes VI to X and the Senior Secondary Section comprises of classes XI and XII. They are directly administered by the Principal. The School follows curriculum which is designed as per the syllabus of the CBSE, Delhi. For effective teaching, the teacher-pupil ratio has been kept at 1:15. Education is imparted by an experienced, well qualified and competent faculty with the adoption of modern teaching aids laying emphasis on the latest educational technology in order to mould the students to attain their fullest academic potential. Parents-Teachers Meetings are regularly held. For the proper upbringing of the child, parents/guardians are requested to attend such meeting(s) whenever scheduled.


Creative activities are given much importance in the Academy to discover the hidden talents of the children. The wide range of activities done individually, as well as in groups, not only develops their creative talents but also provides a preliminary training in their favourite vocation and inculcates proficiency in their respective skills. Students of KEA have been regularly participating in various tournaments in the city, State as well as the Country. The co-curricular activities of the entire year of the school is planned and followed as per schedule:

  • Art                 : Painting, Sand/Tube/Glass painting, Sculpture, Photography, Interior Decoration.
  • Craft             :  Wood work, Paper work, Needle & Thread work, Fabric, Decorative items.
  • Music             :  Vocal and Instrumental.
  • FINE ARTS    :  Mono-acting, Skit, Play, Mime.
  • Abacus          :  Students are taught to improve their imagination, visualization, creative thinking, concentration technique, memory power, act quickly, focus on problem solving, decision making and self-help, while promoting interpersonal communication. These are the key elements which contribute to the child’s development, self respect and self-belief.
  • Robotics       : Robotics Classes to channelize the hidden creative brain thereby laying the foundation stone for future career.
  • Drama           : Regular ‘Drama Workshop’ conducted by experts from National School of Drama, New Delhi

Along with the above mentioned regular creative and cultural activities, excursion, treks and educational trips also form a regular feature of the institution.


In order to encourage community service and awareness in social fields, students are made to get involved in different community programmes along with the following activities:

  1. Captains/Vice-captains: For an organized and smooth running of School and hostel life, the faculty and management encourage students to acquire leadership qualities and eagerness to carry out responsibilities. A part of this is the selection of Captains and Vice-captains for the classes, Houses, dormitories and sports.
  2. The Housemaster/Housemistress and associate teachers are responsible for the all round development of the students in sports, cultural activities, etiquettes and discipline. A healthy mindset for respecting rules and the habit for co-operative living are inculcated in them.


To encourage team spirit, and to ensure physical fitness among students, sports are given adequate importance in the curriculum. Swimming, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Kho Kho, Kabbadi, Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Chinese Checker, Track & Field events etc are some of the prominent games provided to the student community. To acquire skill and excellence in sports like Football, Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball etc., special coaches (separately for boys and girls) are employed to train the students. The students of KEA have been participating and getting laurels in the Cluster/Zonal tournaments of Basketball, Volleyball and Swimming being organized under the aegis of CBSE. The day in KEA begins with jogging, free hand exercises and Yoga which keeps the students active and energetic throughout the day. Participating in evening games is compulsory for every student.

Gymnasium is another feather on the physical fitness agenda that cater to the needs of the students who, under the skilled guidance of trained fitness trainer, can do regular requisite physical exercise using highly sophisticated modern equipments.



We strongly believe that discipline and control originate from respect towards every part of the KEA community. We have Seven Golden Rules that serve as the basis of the behavioural conduct of the institution:

  • We are gentle - We do not hurt others.
  • We are social - We live amidst unified bonding of love.
  • We are kind and helpful - We do not hurt anybody's feelings.
  • We are obedient - We respect and obey our seniors and teachers.
  • We are honest - We do not cover up the truth.
  • We work hard - We do not waste our own or others' time.
  • We look after property - We do not waste or damage things.

Upholding this philosophy, children adhering to these rules are rewarded with tokens of appreciation, while children intentionally violating them are subjected to pre-notified sanctions. 

KEA is a school that is built on excellence. This is evident in everything that we do, and this is also evident in our boarding houses. School rules are intended to ensure the safety and welfare of pupils and the smooth functioning of the school community. We aim to provide a comfortable, living space for our wards. Each student has a bed, cupboard, trunk etc. There is a separate resident warden for the boys as well as the girls. The goal of our institution is to ensure the independent and responsible development of our pupils. We are committed to providing a safe, secure, suitable learning and living environment for our wards. We aim to encourage students to be self-reliant and to inculcate the habit of studying without prompting.

  • The residential schools play a very important role in the formation of a child’s habits, ideals, attitudes and perceptions, and in preparing them in a befitting manner in order to face the day to day challenges of life. So, all students come under school rules from the beginning of their journey to the school until the end of their journey back home. The rules are the basic guidelines; these are suitably modified as per the requirement and betterment of the institution and the student fraternity from time to time.
  • Rules are made for students to realize that in following them, they learn to respect the freedom of others.
  • Students must maintain a high standard of manners in every walk of life.
  • Teachers, along with the Captains and Vice-Captains (Class/ Houses/Dorms), are responsible for the discipline of the school and for the enforcement of all rules.
  • The school Disciplinary Committee will decide the course of sanctions in case of a serious breach of disciplinary matters. The authority of the Principal is final.
  • The school reserves the right to expel students whose progress in studies is consistently unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students.
  • The school reserves the right to give mandatory TC to any student at any point of time whose parents/guardians/relatives misbehave with teachers or any staff members or if they are found to be ill-mannered or unfit for an educational institution.
  • Immoral activities, bullying others, grave insubordination, stealing or extortion of things from other students, use of slang/foul language, contempt of authority, vandalism, breaking bounds, damaging school property, misbehaving with teachers or any staff members are some reasons for immediate expulsion or rustication
  • All the activities and movements of the students in any and every field will be with the permission and overall guidance of the teacher or warden.


  • ​Morning Assembly is compulsory for all the students, except those who are ill / unwell.
  • Keeping the solemnity of the occasion, proper decorum must be maintained.
  • The four houses conducts the Assembly week wise, for which points are allotted based on the overall performance.


The following areas are out of bounds (i.e. students are not allowed to go without due permission):

  • Teachers / staff quarters, school office, and staff room.
  • Doctor’s Chamber or Infirmary, except the ill students.
  • The swimming pool and the playground, except during games and other specified times.
  • Class room and dormitories other than the students’ own dormitories and class room.
  • Dining hall, except during meals and kitchen at all times.
  • Art & Craft Room, Hobby Rooms, Music Room, Library and all Labs after class hour or after the particular specified hours, except with special permission from the concerned authority.
  • Going outside the School Campus without a school escort.
  • Students visiting staff-residence(s) require permission of the Principal.


  • Games, P.T. and Yoga are compulsory for all students except those on restriction list prescribed by the Medical Dept. or those who are having scheduled classes.
  • All students must be punctual and properly dressed for Games, P.T. and Yoga
  • No one is allowed to leave the play ground before finishing the games. If any such need arises, he/she should take permission from the P.T. instructor.
  • Students on medical restriction will not take part in such activities without the specific permission of the doctor.
  • If any injury occurs during the games or P.T.; it should be immediately reported to the on duty Nurse.


  • Everyone must be on time for all the snacks and meals. In exceptional cases, due permission has to be taken by the concerned authority.
  • The entry in the dining hall should be done briskly and quietly.
  • Everyone should take their allocated seats and stand patiently for the ‘PRAYER’, being conducted before every snacks or meals. No students should change place without permission. Attending PRAYER is mandatory for all.
  • Decency and decorum must be maintained in the dining hall.
  • Students must strictly follow the table manners and etiquettes.
  • Students must not waste food and should show their plates to the teacher on duty before leaving the table.
  • Students should not talk or shout inside the dining hall.
  • Students are not permitted to bring any sort of tuck (eatables) into the dining hall.


  • Complete silence must be maintained in the library.
  • The library is open to all the members of the school as per the library timings.
  • Books from the reference section must not be borrowed by any student.
  • All the newspapers, periodicals and books must be handled with due care.


Students should always be dressed neatly in the prescribed School Uniform, Games, Prep and Hostel Dress as per the specified instructions. Informal dress is permitted only on Sundays/Holidays/Excursion/Outings etc. Clothes and shoes that are not suitable or indecent will be confiscated and will not be returned to either student or parents/guardians. Only those items specified in the list of PERMITTED ITEMS FOR KEAIANS should be brought to the school. Track suit must be worn during morning P.T. Games dress must be worn from 2.30 pm – 4.45 pm on all days, except Sunday (3.15 pm – 4.45 pm). Students must wear hostel dress every evening. All boys must have short and decent hair cut. Keeping spiky and long hair is strictly forbidden. Girls must tie their hair in a proper way with red ribbons and black clips.

NOTE Jewellery, Make-up Sets, Hair Dye, Hair Gel, Hair Cream, Lip Sticks etc. are strictly forbidden.


  • For each Academic Session, regular class/weekly tests, and three Term Examinations are conducted.
  • Appropriate weight-ages of class/weekly tests, summer assignments, project work and Term exams are considered for the final assessment of the student.
  • Failure in more than two major subjects will be considered as fail. Transfer Certificate will be issued to those students who fail in two consecutive years in the same class.
  • Retest may be arranged for those who fail in one or two major subjects in the Term Examinations & Final Assessment as per the convenience of the school.
  • Any student resorting to any type of unfair means in any test / exams will attract stringent sanction as per the norms of the school


  • All students in the hostel are under the overall charge of the Warden
  • No students will enter other dormitories without seeking permission of the respective Dorm-in-charge or Warden.
  • Dormitories should be reasonably quiet at all times.
  • All the students must be out of bed immediately after the rising bell.
  • Students must be washed properly, neatly dressed and beds made tidily before breakfast.
  • Clothes and other belongings must always be put away tidily in the respective cupboards.
  • Borrowing of clothes, shoes or any item(s) is forbidden.
  • Cupboards must be tidy at all times and must not contain any food items.
  • Each items of clothing and every belonging should have the name of the student marked.
  • Camera, Walkman, CD’s, Cash (if any) etc should be deposited with the warden.
  • Cleanliness should be strictly maintained in all the dormitories.
  • The students should not talk after lights out.
  • Children must not misbehave with the ayahs or any other staff who work for them.
  • Items permitted to be brought from home and supplied from the school have been mentioned in the list named ‘PERMITTED ITEMS FOR KEAIANS’.



  • Students leaving the campus on special grounds should report to the Principal on his/ her return.
  • Applications for leave for marriage should be sent in advance by the parents to the Principal. Wedding Card should be enclosed with the application. If permitted, parents/guardians will have to make the travelling arrangements
  • Any students who have to undergo any medical checkup may be allowed to go provided his parents/guardians have taken the Principal’s permissions in advance. For such outing, the student should have prior permission from the Infirmary.
  • Leave of absence will be granted only in exceptional circumstances like illness or death in the family and for the marriage of sister or brother and not of a cousin. Such leave will be granted only by the Principal.
  • If escorted by other than parents or legal guardians or local guardians, parents will have to mail a scanned copy of handwritten application duly signed by them with date.


All the students must join the school on the notified day and time at the beginning of each term. Similarly, a student may not leave before the end of the term. The date of leaving /reporting will be given on the academic schedule of that academic year. No appeal/request shall be entertained on this issue. If any student do not report on the reporting day on medical ground, s/he will have to submit (i) an application duly signed by the parents/guardians (ii) Prescription  (iii) Hospital/Medicine Bill (iv) Medical Certificate (v) Fitness Certificate. The Doctor’s certificate only will not be taken into consideration.

  • For reporting late, a sanction amount @ Rs.500/- per day will be imposed, unless the Principal is informed and he is satisfied with the reason for arriving late.
  • The parents/guardians should drop their ward/s in the school. Or, if intimated to us in advance through writing and if the same is granted by the school authority, we can arrange escort for the students from the airport.
  • Students unaccompanied by their parents/guardians at the time of reporting will not be allowed to report.
  • The students should report in neat and tidy uniform with trimmed hair. No hair colour, gel etc to be applied.


In special cases, if the child has to be admitted to a Nursing Home or taken to Specialized Doctors, the cost of the treatment must be paid by the parents. In case of accidental injuries too, parents are expected to pay the fees charged by the hospital.  The medical form, available with the Admission Form is to be duly completed and given to the office. Students using spectacles should bring one additional pair and deposit it in the infirmary, along with the prescription.


Stringent disciplinary sanctions can be imposed on the students for untidiness, unpunctuality, indecent dress, unparliamentary behaviour, wasting food, rude and abusive behaviour towards elders, abusive language or breach of any other house/school rules. Judicious sanctions may be imposed on a child by the teacher as a corrective measure and not to humiliate a child. The school will follow that – “A word of caution is a much better way than punishing students mindlessly”. The sanction will be appropriate keeping in mind the nature of the offence.


Good manners, a sense of responsibility and tidiness are expected of children at all times. Violent, Bullying and threatening other students or violent and dishonest behaviour is not permitted, nor is the possession of fireworks, dangerous weapons, cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs or pornographic material etc., i.e., other non permitted materials.


Each child is allowed a supervised list of toiletries e.g. soap, shampoo, detergent, eatables and other required supplies to keep at school. Every Child will have a lockable Trunk which will be kept in a secure room.


A barber is provided as per need for the boys. No hair colour, tattoos etc are permitted. Fancy hair cut or colouring/highlighting of hair by the girls is prohibited. The school provides a laundry service for school uniform/house wear/ bed sheets/ pillow cases. All items must be engraved with the children’s names. Children will wash all other items themselves. The students should hand over the school uniform as a set, not as part as per the scheduled day.


All children will pay a refundable caution/security fee, which will be refunded after completion of education. If TC is issued to any student in the middle of the Session, the same will not be returned. Admission & Registration Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. There will no refund of fees if any student is withdrawn from the school mid-term. If any student takes TC during the session, i.e., before the completion of the academic session, s/he will have to pay the fees, dues etc for the whole year.


The students will have to pay a sanction amount of Rs. 500/- for issue of Duplicate Mark sheet, Certificate, Identity Card etc.


ATTENTION TO CIRCULARS: Parents are requested to read carefully and take suitable action to all the circulars issued by the school from time to time.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR TELEPHONE NUMBER: All parents/guardians must submit the working telephone numbers, email id etc at the time of admission. For any change of address of correspondence, contact number or email-id etc, it should be immediately intimated to the School Office.

DISCIPLINE OF CHILDREN: Improper conduct reflecting character, persistent irregularity, continual neglect of studies, disobedience, insubordination and disrespect towards any staff member, malpractice at tests and examination, thieving (stealing), money collection, immoral behaviour, smoking, chewing tobacco, gutkhas, use of drugs and liquor, bullying / ragging, willful damage of school property and such like offences may lead to even immediate expulsion from school without prior information.

CHILDREN PARTICIPATION IN OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: The school encourages all children to participate in various activities such as games and sports, trekking, excursion, etc. While every precaution is taken to render these activities safe, the school does not accept responsibility for any unfortunate accident that might occur. Parents are therefore asked to sign a declaration in this regard.

CORRESPONDENCE: All letters concerning children, except those of a personal nature, should be addressed to the “Principal” by designation. It will be of great help if parents mention the class and section of the child.

FEE PAYMENT: Fee payment norms and schedule of payment should be done as given in the separate leaflet of Fee Structure for the academic session.

TELEPHONE: Parents may call their children on the specified telephone numbers once a month. For network issues the school authority will not be responsible. Parents/guardians are expected not to call on other days so as to avoid inconvenience.

For students up to Class VII:            

For students from Class VIII to XII: 

VISIT TO THE SCHOOL: All parents / guardians are requested to visit the school to meet their wards on scheduled day(s) and time as specified in the academic calendar or intimated through phone, messages or mail time to time. Parents/guardians/local guardians may take their ward/s for outing or meet them in the school as per the specified schedule on Parents Visiting Days. No other visitor, except the child’s parents/guardians or local guardian, will be permitted to meet a student. Local guardians (possessing identity cards issued by the school) will be permitted to meet their wards or take them out of the school campus. Relatives /friends wishing to see a child will be required to produce a written request from the parents. The school gate will permit visitors (parents/ guardians etc) inside the school campus only during the meeting time period. All visitors are requested to be seated in the Reception and not to go beyond the specified point as earmarked. Parents/ guardians are requested to come with suitable Identity cards so that they can produce the same on demand. They are requested to be accompanied by maximum of 2-3 individuals only, with proper identifications. Frequent visits by parents/local guardians tend to upset the children and affect their progress. Hence, parents/local guardians are kindly requested not to visit on other days.

Attending the Parents-Teachers Meet (PTM), whenever scheduled/as per the academic calendar, in order to interact with the concerned subject(s) and the class teacher is mandatory.

Parents are not permitted to enter the children’s dormitories without the permission of the Principal /Vice-Principal.

Parents are welcome to meet the Principal in his office by appointment between 11.00 am to 1.00 pm from Monday to Saturday.

FOODThe school provides a balanced diet. Parents are requested not to bring / send food parcels, birthday cake or other eatables to their children. Only fruits may be given to their wards during the scheduled meeting days.

VALUABLE ITEMSChildren are not allowed to bring any valuable article such as expensive cameras, jewellery, expensive watches, CD players etc. with them. Children up to Class 5 are not allowed to wear wrist watches in school. If such non-permitted items are found, the same shall be confiscated and will not be refunded. (Please go through the LIST OF PERMITTED ITEMS FOR KEAIANS).

REPORT: Academic Progress Report Card, Medical Check-up Card and overall Assessment Record Card of every child will be available with the Class Teachers during the PTM. Parents/guardians are requested to sign those report cards during the PMT.

PRIVATE TUITIONS: There are no facilities for private tuition in the school. However, children who are weak in a particular subject are given extra tutorial help arranging remedial classes.

FAMILY ISSUES/POBLEMS OF CHILDREN: Parents/guardians are requested to intimate the Principal any kind of special problem with regard to the child or the family so that due precautions can be taken or assistance for redressal of certain problems can be ascertained from the school counselor. Strict confidentiality will be maintained in such cases.


An undertaking of commitment and compliance & this list of do's and don'ts will be signed by both parents and student to be admitted into KEA.



  • All students must be present in the dining hall during the specified time for food and beverage. Nobody should be late. "NO PRAYER, NO FOOD".
  • No student should modify the supplied dress and uniform. If done, the same will be confiscated and a new one will be issued. And for the same, the student may have to pay double price as fine.
  • Act of bullying, ragging etc are strictly prohibited. If someone is accused of the same, s/he will be instantly expelled from the school and will be handed over to the police immediately.
  • Use of slang by any students might lead to expulsion from KEA.
  • No student should use objects of other students under any circumstances.
  • The hostel building is out of bounds during school hours. If for some reason a boarder is required to go to the boarding house he/she has to have a permission slip from the concerned Teacher countersigned by the Principal.
  • No student should come to the Administrative Block without any important task or if not called. If required, s/he should come with a proper decent dress.
  • No student should visit other dorms without permission from the Warden.
  • All the students must be present during games and sports.
  • No student should loiter unnecessarily in the campus.
  • Only certified items/commodities shall be allowed inside the dormitories. Unwanted items, if found, shall be confiscated and shall not be returned to the students or their parents/guardians under any circumstances.
  • During vacations, departure flight tickets will be booked by the school authority. But the parents/guardians will have to inform the school authority at least one month prior to the departure date. Sufficient fund should be available for the same.
  • Attendance on the reopening day and on the last day before any vacation is mandatory.
  • Any Letter/Parcel that is being delivered to any student will be checked by school staff first and only after that it will be handed over to the student, if permitted as per the norms of the school.
  • Junior students should respect the seniors while the seniors should be loving and caring and act as guide for the juniors and new comers.
  • Students should not waste water and electricity. They should switch off lights, fans, ACs etc when not in use.
  • Recreational facilities like indoor and outdoor games, television and newspapers are provided to the boarders.
  • No students should loiter aimlessly in the campus.
  • No student should litter the campus. They should use specific dustbins for disposal of waste materials.
  • Boarders must bring the clothing and other essential things as per the list provided by the school.
  • The personal belongings like books, copies, clothes etc should be labelled.
  • They should always be punctual and maintain strict discipline.
  • Rooms have to be kept neat and clean at all times.
  • Boarders are not allowed to keep any money, valuables, any electronic gadgets or mobile phones etc. with them.
  • All purchases by the boarders must be done through the school authorities or parents and Guardians.
  • In case any parent sends any non-permitted items/food/articles etc. to any boarder, they will not be permitted to keep such things inside the room.
  • Parents can visit their wards only specified dates.
  • Students are expected to use the study time profitably and discipline has to be maintained in the study hall.
  • Fancy belts, rings, trinkets, make-up sets, nail polish will be confiscated if brought to school.
  • Only permitted necessary hair clips, hair bands or ribbons for girls. Long hair should be braided.
  • Shoes/Slippers prescribed by the school have to be used. No other fancy shoes to be brought.
  • Boarders have to wear the sports uniform provided by the school for games.
  • In case of sickness, it should be reported to the warden and to the resident nurse for appropriate action.
  • All incidental expenses of the boarders will be recovered from their pocket money.
  • Boarders are not permitted to sleep in other rooms.
  • Boarders have to pay all dues towards the school before leaving the boarding.
  • Any damage caused to the school property will be recovered along with a fine.
  • Continuation as boarder will be based on the academic performance, behaviour and turnout.
  • Students are normally not allowed to leave the school during the term except in very special cases.
  • Students may be granted leave up to a maximum period of three days in case of an emergency and this can be availed only once in a year.
  • Leave may be granted for special medical treatment if necessary.
  • A written request from the parent should be sent directly to the Principal for availing leave.
  • No students should force other students to wash their clothes, socks etc.
  • The students should be picked up and brought back strictly on the dates and time given to them.
  • The boarders will not be sent with any other person unless he/she brings a letter of authorization from the parent
  • Boarders are not allowed to go out the campus without the authorization of the Principal.
  • While leaving the school campus, they must wear the uniform & the student identity card.
  • In case, drop and pick up is required by the boarders, parents are to inform the school authority through mail well in advance. The cost of the same will be recovered from their pocket money.
  • Children must be taken home during the specified holidays.
  • Children must be taken out ONLY on visiting weekend.
  • Children must leave School in full uniform and must return in the same.
  • Girls are NOT allowed to leave school with any other individual apart from their parents/legal guardians. They MAY NOT STAY ALONE WITH A LOCAL GUARDIAN during Holidays.
  • Any child found with money or prohibited items will be liable to strict disciplinary action or even expulsion.
  • Students having specs should have at least two pairs. One should be kept in the safe custody of the infirmary staff.
  • No child is permitted to work unattended in the labs.
  • Classrooms must be kept clean. Desks, text books and exercise books must not be defaced in any way. Desks and book shelves must be kept tidy.
  • All lights/fans should be switched off when there is nobody in the classroom/dormitory.
  • Complete silence must be maintained during prep time. No movement between prep rooms is permitted during prep hours.
  • Any damage to school property must be immediately reported to the school authorities. The charges deducted from the student’s pocket money will depend on the circumstances and nature of the damage.
  • Any unclaimed article found on the school campus must be deposited with the Principal.
  • Watching TV will be permitted according to the schedule indicated in the school routine.
  • Parents/guardians may ask the school authority in writing for birthday cake, chocolate etc for their children’s birthday celebration, a week ahead of the birthday. Payments should be made in cash only in advance. Necessary eatables will be procured and distributed by the school authority.
  • Students may need to participate in various competitions/activities/tournaments etc inside or outside the school. For the same, the parents/guardians have to bear the charges for the necessary travelling and other expenses and arrange the requisite apparels/items etc as per the occasion.
  • No interference with electric installations is permitted.
  • No student shall keep matches, lighter, incense sticks (agarbattis), knives, any sharp tools etc. in their possession.
  • No student is permitted to inflict any atrocities , physical or mental torture of any kind or hold any threat on other students.
  • No student is permitted to hit/beat any other student.
  • No student is permitted to take /borrow either by force, or by request, any personal articles from any student.
  • Any student either assigning tasks or doing tasks for another student is liable to face stringent disciplinary actions.
  • Use of foul or abusive language is considered to be a serious offence.

Parents/Guardians & students must read the rules & regulations thoroughly and sign the Declaration

The Board of Directors & Principal always welcome your suggestions, comments and opinions. Do feel free to write to us because not much can be achieved without parents’ co-operation and support