A Day’s Excursion.

18th February 2021.

                                                            A Day’s Excursion.

Excursion are a must in a school curriculum. An actual visit to a place of historical or cultural interest and other recreational activities allow the students to be enthusiastic and supplements them with knowledge.

KEA arranged a day’s excursion cum recreation for the science stream students of class 12. The teachers that accompanied the students for this trip are namely- Abhoy Kumar Pandey, Chetna Sharma.

The excursion begins with visiting India’s longest river ropeway which is in Guwahati. The students enjoyed the aerial view of passenger ropeway over River Brahmaputra connecting Guwahati North and South Bank.

After this thrilled experience the students were taken to Assam State Museum which is in Dighalipukhri, Guwahati. The museum holds historical significance and exhibits different sections like epigraphy, sculpture, crafts, antiques.

The collection boasts of some of the most authentic prehistoric ivory paintings, metal wood work, costumes arms and ammunitions and heritage of Assam. Students learned a lot in here about Assam. Students learned a lot in here about Assam’s historical significance.

Lastly we headed to Spring Valley Resort, Sonapur. Students participated in different recreational activities like Archery, Basketball, Boating and playing Cricket. They clicked pictures of the beautiful place and of themselves and also enjoyed the food in there.

So, the one day excursion was a full package of fun, food and knowledge for the students which they are going to cherish for a long timetime. 

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