PRINCIPAL DESK – Durga Puja Break

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Take our greetings!!

First of all, I would love to extend a very special ‘fáilte’ to all the new pupils who have joined Kaziranga English Academy (KEA).  We trust that they will spend many happy, beneficial and rewarding days with us.

Someone well said, “Take a break and chill because this is the time … to rejoice, celebrate and also feel rewarded.” Holidays are important for every student as it helps them to relax and also boost their creativity. The more they have family time, the more they can connect with their family members, relatives and friends. But our children do not have enough time to give to their family. They usually spend their time outside their home and so they are unable to spend time with their family. Hence, only holidays can give them a lot of time to spend with their family.

As we break for the Puja/autumn holiday, I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to all who help make KEA an amazing place to be. We are a community with many gifts and talents, which we share daily with one another and most important, our children. From the classroom, to our living room and all points in-between, our collective efforts to raise the whole child are filled with passion, commitment and a willingness to make decisions will have a positive and lasting influence in the future for all.

Parents, of course, are such a conspicuous part of all we hope to accomplish on behalf of our KEA children. Thank you for entrusting us with your most precious gift. I am grateful to our wonderful, talented, creative, inquisitive, optimistic, resourceful and resilient children. Often, they make us laugh, sometimes they make us cry, but always they make us think. Most of all, they make us better.

In the last two months, apart from the scheduled academic activities and examinations, our children took part in various activities inside and outside the campus.

On 12-08-22, KEA’s Quiz team got the 2nd position in the Inter School Quiz Competition on the occasion of “World Elephant Day – 2022” organized  by Environment  & Forest Department, Government of Assam.

On 13/08/2022, Fresher’s Social Night was celebrated in order to give an affectionate welcome to new students. The night was filled with excitement, joy, music, enthusiasm, laughter and happiness. It was accompanied by a spellbinding array of cultural programmes like traditional, fusion and modern dances, breathtaking singing performances, ramp walk in traditional attire, and splendid decoration, which made it a soulful experience.

We want each child to do his/her very best at all times, make an honest effort in everything s/he does, treat everyone with respect and behave properly at all times so that everyone can benefit from each day they spend in our school. Through the Investiture Ceremony, we designated a good number of students with various duties and responsibilities so that it provides them a befitting platform to be a disciplined citizen in the future.

Non Teaching Day Celebration was another remarkable event that helped our children and teaching staff members to show their gratitude towards our non teaching members thereby cementing love, care and respect in our relationships.

On 29-08-22, KEA Boys took part in Volleyball and Basketball Friendly Matches with the Assam Royal Global School, Guwahati, where our Volleyball Team won the match. In order to break the monotony of residential setting, and to rejuvenate the minds of our children, we took them to Accoland Amusement Park on 31, 01 and 03 Sept. 2022.

Teachers’ Day was celebrated in a pomp and grand way by our children so as to give honour and recognition to the reverend teachers for the efforts they put in to enrich the students with befitting education. On 02-09-22, a few selected students from Class VI to XII who have interest in football were taken to Sarusajai Stadium for Durand Cup so that they get exposure to real time ringside view of the performance of professional players.

At this point, I would like to request you to encourage your child/children to write / draw / compile / collect something creative for Inspirations (School Magazine). The same is to be submitted to their respective Class/Subject Teachers just after the Puja /Autumn Break. Further, our esteemed parents/guardians who are willing to write can enrich the publication with their valuable articles.

All our esteemed parents/guardians are requested to keep the following points in mind:

  • Reporting after Puja/Autumn Break: 11-10-2022 / Tuesday (9.00 am to 4.00 pm)
  • Reporting on the specified date & time is mandatory for all. All the parents/guardians are requested not to make any request for late reporting.
  • For any late reporting (if without prior permission from the Principal), Rs. 1000/- per day will be fined. No appeal will be entertained in this regard. For medical cases, proper bills, prescription, reports, Fitness Certificate from the doctors etc. should be submitted at the time of reporting.
  • Students should be accompanied by their parents/guardians (while reporting), failing which such students will not be allowed to report.
  • Students should have proper hair cut (short) at the time of reporting. No students will be allowed reporting with indecent hair cut. No request will be entertained in this regard.
  • All our esteemed parents/guardians are requested to supervise their ward/s during luggage packaging so that they cannot bring any unwanted objects to school.
  • Any incident relating to bullying, ragging etc. will immediately be reported to the local Police Station and drastic measures like expulsion will be taken against such students.
  • No Parents/Guardians will be allowed to meet their ward/s or take them for outing without prior permission from the Principal. Such letter should be sent to the Front Office minimum four to five days ahead of the proposed visits.
  • Please make sure that children do not waste time indulging in unwanted affairs; rather spend time in a fruitful way dedicating requisite time to their studies. All the students should complete their assigned home tasks during the vacation without fail.
  • The students of Class X & XII should not waste even a single moment in trivial matter because every moment till the Final Exams is precious. They should study at home daily so as to maintain consistency.
  • Further, it has been observed that the students having spectacles often break their glasses, resulting in acute problems for many. For the same, I request our esteemed parents/guardians to provide them with two pairs (one standby) of spectacles.
  • No eatables/toiletries will be allowed from outside.
  • Only 04 pairs of civil dresses will be allowed as per requirement of the season. (Everybody should strictly adhere to the ‘List of Permitted Objects’). Sufficient winter clothes should be brought.
  • All the students are to bring minimum one Traditional Dress from home.
  • In some undesirable moments, it has unfortunately been observed that a few parents/guardians misbehave with the teachers & other staff members in some occasions. In such cases, in order to maintain sanctity and decorum of an educational institution, the school authority has decided to issue TC to their ward/s with immediate effect.
  • For Birthday Celebration of your ward/s, you are requested to deposit the estimated amount in the ‘School Store’ minimum 05 days prior to the Celebration.

As we all know that CBSE has already declared that the Board Examinations of Class X & XII will commence from February 15, 2022. Hence, the practical examinations are expected to take place in the month of January. For the same, the students of Class X & XII will not be given any Winter Break. We request you to cooperate with us in this regard for the betterment of your ward/s.

In the spirit of this holiday season, once again I want to extend my thanks to all of you for everything that you do for our school. As we enjoy the upcoming holidays, it is my fervent wish that each of you receives and returns the bounty of blessings and glad tidings that make these days truly special. During this break, let our children radiate a sense of unbridled enthusiasm, untainted hope and unabashed joy for life and the opportunities that await them.

A blissful holiday to our loved children! Unwrap abundant joy and gaiety!!

Warm regards!!

Date: 27-09-2022                                                                    Dr Manoj Kumar Choudhury

Place: Guwahati                                                                       Principal, KEA

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