Principal Desk – Summer Break 2022-23

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Take our heartfelt greetings!!

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family:

Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”

  • Jane Howard

Once again, long holidays are in the card. Children will go home to feel the warmth of their home and family members. Family helps us in molding our lives and our personalities. A child learns values like love, trust, and tradition from the family. Family can well be acclaimed as the citadel of learning. Please continue to encourage your son/ daughter to eat healthy, stay in routine and sleep well. Enjoy the break, look after each other and please spend the time you have together doing things you all enjoy and being grateful for what you have; this is the foundation of family and it builds the strength that our children have behind them when they find themselves in new situations.

Since 2020, the Covid 19 pandemic has greatly affected the whole world in an unprecedented way. We can visualize extreme adverse effects on the educational scenario, specially a large section of the student community. Despite best efforts to set up a supportive remote learning experience, evidence shows that school closures have resulted in actual learning losses. Alarmingly, these losses are found to be much higher among students whose parents are not adequately educated – a finding reinforced by a study showing that children from socioeconomically advantaged families have received more parental support with their studies during the school closure period. Further, poor internet connectivity in many areas disrupted the online teaching learning process which made the children of those areas experience a huge gap in learning. All children, of all ages, and in all countries, have become the victims of the pandemic. Along with that, many children have become addicted to the cell phone resulting in many cases loss of mental equilibrium. It has made the children restless. In extreme cases, many have suffered from depression characterized by low mood, tiredness, pessimism, poor sleep and appetite, and feeling helpless, with a gradual reduction in work output.

Notwithstanding, since the reopening of physical classes, we have turned every stones to bridge the learning gaps; counseled the deviated group of children incessantly to bring them back to the mainstream. We, along with the management of the institution, have been trying our best to attribute self discipline to those who became prey of the adverse effects of ‘nomophobia’. During this period, to bring back normalcy, we have facilitated a lot of befitting platforms to the students, conducted various co-curricular activities so that they can utilise their hidden talents.

Introduction of NCC (Air) for both boys and girls is a realization of a long cherished dream, a feather in KEA’s cap. It would definitely help the young generation to acquire the core of a successful life, ie., ‘self-discipline’. It is well known that the NCC aims at developing character, comradeship, a secular outlook, the spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service amongst young citizens. During this period, the NCC will have a pivotal role in grooming the youth of the country into disciplined, responsible and patriotic citizens.

Introduction of Junior/Youth Red Cross Society will help us develop leadership quality among the children. At the same time, it will help our children to understand and accept civic and human responsibilities.

Icebreaking session has been conducted in order to instill requisite crave for Robotics, Coding etc (AI) among the students of Class VI to IX. It will definitely help the students in the mastery of fine motor skills, at the same time encouraging innovation and critical thinking. It would also prove to be beneficial for the students as it equips the students with the required skills for math learning and problem solving. It also teaches teamwork and promotes socialization.

Inter School Volleyball Tournament under 19 (Boys & Girls) in memory our beloved founder Directors Bipul Baruah and Bimal Krishna Modak on 2nd & 3rd June 2022. The Hon’ble Chief Guest of the Opening Ceremony Mr Subhash Basumatary, Former Regional Director, Sports Authority of India threw light on the importance of games and sports. He encouraged the children to take part in different games and sports so as to build their physical and mental health. Hon’ble Chief Guest of the Closing Ceremony Mr Manish Deka, the second Assamese to scale Mount Everest, encouraged the children to take active participation in various games & sports as it plays an important role in the formation of career & character. Total 25 (Boys & Girls) teams from different schools took part in the event which created a festive environment in the school campus after a long gap.

Inter School Art Competition was conducted on 5th June 2022 on the occasion of World Environment Day.  150 participants from 14 schools took part in the event. Hon’ble Mr Munindra Narayan Bhattachariya, Retd. Principal, DIET Goalpara graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. He enlightened the gathering on the universal aspects of art and threw light on the importance of art in transforming our children into creative thinker and a problem solver.

The speakers from HelpAge India, a leading charity platform in India working with and for disadvantaged elderly for more than 4 decades, enlightened our students during Morning Assembly, so that we can imbibe the students with fellow feeling and compassion towards the underprivileged groups of the society.

It is a well-established fact that children are easily distracted and bored. In a residential school, they stay inside the four walls for a long time far away from their parents and family members. Hence, field trips, outings etc. play a crucial role in rejuvenating their minds. Such activities bring in the children a different level of excitement and fun. It gives them something to look forward to. We took our children to Atal Udyan (Recreation Park), Science Museum, and Movie-Watch etc during this period for a much desired break.

Friendly Volleyball match between Royal Global School and KEA, celebration of Madhavdev Tithi, Rabha Divas, and International Yoga Day etc. kept our children engaged in many positive activities. Rich tributes were paid to Kalaguru (Master of arts) Bishu Prasad Rabha, on 20th June, while International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June where all the students as well as teachers took active participation. Yoga Competition was held in connection with the said celebration among the students.

Co-curricular activities form a quintessential part of the school curriculum and it is highly recommended that a good number of students participate in some activity or the other so as to highlight/channelize their innate potential. CC activities like Soft Board Competition, Poem Recitation (Assamese, English & Hindi) etc were conducted among the children so as to instill required life skills, time management etc in them thereby nurturing them to be well rounded and responsible citizens in future.

In order to nurture communicative skills, to build confidence among the students we have introduced a regular item in the Morning Assembly named ‘Speak & Share’ where a student is asked to deliver a lecture on a topic related to his/her place, tradition, values, festivals, important dates etc.

As a part of Anti Drug, Tobacco & Liquor Awareness Campaign, Seminar, Drama, Dance, Slogan Writing & Poster Making Competition were conducted on 29-06-2022. We were happy enough to see the enthusiasm of the participating students.

All our esteemed parents/guardians are requested to keep the following points in mind:

  • Reporting schedule after Summer Break:

29/07/2022 (Friday): Class XI (9.00 am to 4.00 pm)

31/07/2022 (Sunday): Class III to X & XII (9.00 am to 4.00 pm)

  • Reporting on the specified date & time is mandatory for all. All the parents/guardians are requested not to make any request for late reporting.
  • For any late reporting (if without prior permission from the Principal), Rs. 1000/- per day will be fined. No appeal will be entertained in this regard. For medical cases, proper bills, prescription, reports, Fitness Certificate from the doctors etc. should be submitted at the time of reporting.
  • Students should be accompanied by their parents/guardians (while reporting), failing which such students will not be allowed to report.
  • Students should have proper hair cut (short) at the time of reporting. No students will be allowed reporting with indecent hair cut. No request will be entertained in this regard.
  • All our esteemed parents/guardians are requested to supervise their ward/s during luggage packaging so that they cannot bring any unwanted objects to school.
  • Any incident relating to bullying, ragging etc. will immediately be reported to the local Police Station and drastic measures like expulsion will be taken against such students.
  • Only registered phone numbers & emails of the parents/guardians will be used from August 01, 2022 for any kind of communication. Hence, those parents/guardians who have not yet submitted the Google forms giving the details of their phone numbers and emails are hereby once again reminded to submit it at the earliest possible time.
  • Pending Fees/Dues etc. (if any) are to be paid on or before 31/07/2022. No tuck will be provided after that.
  • No Parents/Guardians will be allowed to meet their ward/s or take them for outing without prior permission from the Principal. Such letter should be sent to the Front Office minimum four to five days ahead of the proposed visits.
  • Please make sure that children do not waste time indulging in unwanted affairs; rather spend time in a fruitful way dedicating requisite time to their studies. All the students should complete their assigned home tasks during the vacation without fail.
  • The students of Class X & XII should not waste even a single moment in trivial matter because every moment till the Final Exams is precious. They should study at home daily so as to maintain consistency.
  • The doctors have advised that the students should have ‘anti worm medication’ at least twice in a year. Hence, I request all parents/guardians to follow this instruction while their wards are with them.
  • Further, it has been observed that the students having spectacles often break their glasses, resulting in acute problems for many. For the same, I request our esteemed parents/guardians to provide them with two pairs (one standby) of spectacles.
  • Only Sporty Velcro Sandals (Kitos) or Slide Slippers will be allowed inside the school campus.
  • No eatables will be allowed from outside. It results in unnecessary hazards & misunderstanding hindering the smooth running of the day to day activities. Required eatables are available in the school Tuck Shop.
  • Only 04 pairs of civil dresses will be allowed as per requirement of the season. (Everybody should strictly adhere to the ‘List of Permitted Objects’).
  • All the students are to bring minimum one Traditional Dress from home.
  • Participants in Fresher’s Social, Independence Day Celebration etc are to bring required dresses etc from home while reporting.
  • In some undesirable moments, it has unfortunately been observed that a few parents/guardians misbehave with the teachers & other staff members in some occasions. In such cases, in order to maintain sanctity and decorum of an educational institution, the school authority has decided to issue to their ward/s with immediate effect.
  • Parents’ Visiting scheduled on 13 & 14 August, 2022 has been postponed till 10 & 11 September, 2022.

I would like to thank our hard working and caring faculty and staff who have made a huge difference to our students. Their commitment is outstanding and our kids are the beneficiaries. Thank you for providing rich and engaging, well-rounded experiences for our kids and knowing that education is about wonder and fostering curiosity, along with development of social skills so needed to succeed. For these, and a million other things, we are truly grateful.

In closing, I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy, safe and enjoyable break. Please be sure to take time as family to talk, play and READ together.

Thanks for your continued support; together we are stronger!!

Warm regards!!

Date: 30-06-2022                                                                    Dr Manoj Kumar Choudhury

Place: Guwahati                                                                      Principal, KEA

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